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Lene Bak – psychotherapist & systemic facilitator

Individual, couples & group therapy, systemic constellations in Roskilde and Copenhagen


Calling a psychotherapist and starting therapy may feel like a huge step. At the same time I know that you are looking for something when you have come to my website. Reaching out for help when you have a problem is the first important step.


Call me if you have questions

Perhaps you are unsure about what you need. Or perhaps you have questions. You are welcome to call me for a chat – no strings attached. What you tell me is confidential. And it is free.

Here you can read more about Lene.


Therapy is about you

Psychotherapy is about you. Together we will create a room where you have the time and space to look into the themes you want to work with.

Here you can read more about my approach and the methods, I use in therapy.


Psychotherapy is a meeting where

  • you are in focus
  • there is time and space for you and the things you worry about
  • you decide the pace and the theme
  • you don’t need to perform
  • there is no rush

No problem is improper, too small or too big.


What is in it for you?

Psychotherapy can for instance:

  • help you find new ways to deal with a problem
  • teach you to handle a crisis or break out of a vicious circle
  • help you find a new direction in life
  • help you find answers to questions like:
    • Who am I?
    • What do I want?
    • How do I want my future to look?

Where do we meet?

We meet in my clinic in Roskilde or in Copenhagen, where I offer individual psychotherapy, couples therapy, group therapy and systemic constellations. You can choose to see me in Roskilde or in Copenhagen – depending on what suits you best.

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Clinic address

In Roskilde
Algade 28a, 2.
4000 Roskilde

In Copenhagen
Valby Tingsted 7, 1.
2500 København

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