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Lene Bak – psychotherapist & systemic facilitator

Individual, couples & group therapy, systemic constellations in Roskilde and Copenhagen

Approach and methods

Approach and methods

Depending on your issue, your interests and what we agree will work best for you, we can choose to work with:

  • Symbols and images
  • Dreams
  • Visualizations
  • Mindfulness
  • Systemic Constellation
  • Drawing and writing exercises
  • Gestalt exercises

How long does it take?

We often want everything to resolve overnight but that is unfortunately not how psychotherapy works. There are no quick fixes.

A simple, specific problem may only require few hours of therapy. When dealing with other issues it may be necessary with more extensive therapy for 6 – 12 months with weekly sessions. And if you want a deep transformation of your life and the person you are, it will demand several years of ongoing therapy.



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